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VMO trigger point, where to stop (to avoid tendon/ligament damage)

XcessivXcessiv Posts: 15
Hello guys,

I am trying to address VMO trigger points via massage and roller.
It took about 2 weeks, but I can now say that 90% of the VMO is back to normal.

I still have what feels like a trigger point on the very low area of the VMO. Massaging the area seems to make it worse. This leads me to believe that I'm probably upsetting the VMO tendon, or a ligament around it (MPFL?).

This is the area I'm describing (in red), a lateral view with the patella on the extreme left:

I'm wondering if I should:
• keep massaging, the trigger point is probably more serious and will take several days to address
• stop everything and rest

• go see a physio

Any related experience?



  • DaveyODaveyO Posts: 37
    What set off the trigger points?
    Are you rolling / massaging the area everyday?
    Are you rolling anywhere else?
    Do you stretch after rolling / massaging?
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