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Kim_42Kim_42 Posts: 2
Hello everyone,

I'm a Psychology student, currently undertaking a piece of research in the field of Health Psychology, which examines the psychological and behavioural processes involved in health, illness and well-being. 

Would you mind taking a moment (15-20 minutes) to answer my online survey - which forms part of my research project in the field of Health Psychology - by clicking on the anonymous link below (or copy/paste the url on a search engine if the link is not clickable)? ... 6ifAbVCVpP 

The study aims to investigate how certain aspects of personality and the ability to imagine the benefits of a health behaviour like exercise may influence health behaviour plans.  The findings may form part of a published paper or book in the future and may also be presented at relevant conferences.

Please do feel free to circulate my link to your family and friends (over 18)!

Thank you very much for your time and participation and please be assured that your responses will be strictly confidential and anonymous (i.e. the data will not be linked to the person who supplied it),

Best wishes,

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