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Power meter options for SuperSix

papajimbopapajimbo Posts: 61
I’ve got a Supersix Evo with eTap and an SiSl2 chainset and have just returned a set of Vectors as they are faulty. Now considering Quarq Dzero SRAM or a Stages Cannondale Si. Clearly one means swapping out the chainset whereas the other retains the original at the exepense of not measuring total power output. I know from the Vectors (while they worked!) that my l/r split is even - though not ridden over 4 hours with them so not sure when I’m fatigued.
Any experience of these options and thoughts on the better option? One consideration with the Quarq is I get a full component for a not dissimilar price.
Both would mean having to use a BSA/BB30 bottom bracket if I wanted to use them on my winter bike - does anyone have positive experiences of trying this?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    One-sided measurement could be fine, depending on whatever it is you need the power number for - ie leisure, training, consistency or absolute scientific accuracy.
  • I have a quarq (sram red) and have never had issues with it, I don't know if is just a psychological thing but I do feel more confident in it's accuracy giving dual sided readings. One thing to note, it does add a little bit of extra weight aroubd the bb which I do notice. Personally it does not bother me but for some it could be an issue.
  • The SiSL2 chainset is a thing of beautiful design and manufacturing
    Powertap G3 hub is your answer
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  • src1src1 Posts: 301
    I went for a factory fit 4iiii precision on my sisl2 chainset.
  • Power2max do one for the SISL2 crankset. I have a set of Vector 3s for my Evo, not used them yet hopefully not faulty.
  • evs78evs78 Posts: 133
    Some good deals on the Powertap P1 pedals on EBay at the moment. DC Rainmaker rates them highly and there have been 3 sets sold at sub-£500 in the last week (from Wiggle and Tredz via there Ebay accounts).

    Offer easy switches on to different bikes and dual-sided, strong accuracy levels and decent data output. Worth a look.
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  • scott_w1987scott_w1987 Posts: 316
    Power2max NG Eco and keep the SISL2's - Think they are around £500 new and are bomb proof, reliable, accurate power meters.
  • Dave_P1Dave_P1 Posts: 565
    You used to be able to buy a Quarq Spider that would bolt onto the Cannondale cranks but I can't see it listed anymore. Perhaps it's worth keeping an eye out for one as I would avoid Stages.
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