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Boost wheel -- XD and non-XD spacing different?

othelloothello Posts: 577
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I’ve got a Scott Scale 930, which has a Boost rear hub and comes with a non- XD freehub. It’s a Deore hub with a ‘normal’ style 11-42 cassette.

I’ve picked up a set of Roval boost wheels (came off a Specialized Epic), and the rear has an XD freehub. I’ve bought an XD cassette and fitted it.

When I insert the Roval rear, the cassette isn’t in the same position as the other wheel. It’s nearer the drive side by almost a whole cog — with the mech set to the smallest cog the chain is one up the cassette and not on the 10t, and changing to the biggest cog puts the chain off the cassette and into the spokes.

Easily fixable by adjusting the limit screws, but... it means I cannot easily switch the wheels over. Which was the point, especially for racing where the stock wheels are being kept as spares. They cannot be easily dropped in without resetting the gears.

I had thought the XD driver would position the cassette in the same place?

Do I need to add a spacer behind the cassette on the non XD deore hub?

Any ideas?
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