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Rockshox Revelation lower leg corrosion and hole

bonzo_bananabonzo_banana Posts: 256
edited March 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
Have a look at this;


Basically I got these forks for free buying something else they were just a bonus to the purchase. They are about 8 years old. The lower leg has what looks like corrosion damage rather than physical damage and a hole has formed. It looks like the paint is lifting just above so perhaps another pinhole of corrosion.

Can I fix this by welding or some other treatment safely, maybe with an additional plate on top. Do I need to get a whole new lower section to be sure.

I'm not keen to spend much money on them to be honest. The reviews seem to state at the time they were excellent and expensive forks but high maintenance. I don't really need them and if that really is corrosion I'm not very inspired by their quality to say the least. What could cause such corrosion damage anyway if corrosion, just water? wrong oil? I have some other older bikes with rockshox forks with no corrosion at all on the lowers. An old GT timberline from 1995 I think so 15 years older approx and no indications of corrosion on the lower's and they were low end models at the time.


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