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Best insoles for plantar fasciitis?

theboshthebosh Posts: 8
Hey im currently suffering form plantar fasciitis? Has anyone got any advice on how to get rid of it and carry on cycling? I have heard custom insoles are good for it but I really don't have the budget for them. I have equally heard that custom insoles are just the same as off the shelf ones.. don't know what the truth is. Any ideas? Thank you!

Been looking at these these off the shelf insoles which seem to have lots of arch support but dont know what to pick though


  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,388
    I am a competitive runner and suffered from plantar fasciitis for around 18 months. Tried various insoles and exercises off the Internet with no improvement. I was despondent. It really hampered my training and I was in pain after running, walking and cycling. Particularly bad on waking. Then I tried these compression foot sleeves. They certainly did the trick for me. I wore them for 24 hours for the first couple of weeks, then just at night. After two or three months I no longer needed them. If I get a twinge now, I'll wear them in bed for two or three nights and the pain goes away. May not work for everyone but worth trying as they are pretty cheap. ... -pair.html

    EDIT : you can get them cheaper on Amazon but I had trouble getting the link to work.
  • trekvettrekvet Posts: 220
    I've had PF in both feet needing 6 for one foot, then 3 months off work for the other. Foot rolling on golf ball is good, as are doming and calf exercises. I can now cycle any distance, and run half marathons, no problems. Insoles I wear in all footwear are ... les-medium . Get the right size from anywhere.
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