With the big Siberian freeze coming...



  • Mikey23 wrote:
    @ chrisonabike... another big fan of Elite Dangerous here!
    Top man!

    I now have a dilemma. Do I continue assembling my Drivo, or (as the upgrade seems complete) do I fire up the Python and get out into the black?

    Next question: why is it that everything looks simple on YouTube, yet becomes an IQ test as soon as I get the actual bits out of the actual box?

    Docking with FA off is easier than all this!

    Admittedly, I measured my chain wear before starting the unboxing - found >1mm stretch, so I've been replacing the chain and cassette on the bike (and cleaning some of the crap off) before starting on the Drivo. So it's all taken a bit longer than planned.

    Now you mention it, this must be why I was drawn to the Direto and Drivo as soon as someone earlier in the thread. It's Elite, innit. I even have Elite bottle cages... Never noticed the link before :)
    Is the gorilla tired yet?