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Prostatitis and Saddles

Hi, Im 62 and cycled 1500 miles until December when Prostatitis and the dreaded ball ache kicked in, doctor prescribed Trimethoprim and no cycling for 6 weeks - Oh Joy.

Ive changed my saddle to accommodate sit bone width with cut out.
Tried 3 saddles now and back to square one, but not as painful.

Iv'e just ordered an ISM PL1.1 saddle with the hope that this will let me back in the saddle and riding again.
Has anyone experience or recommendations of either the condition or this saddle which I know will be different they are prepared to share. :?:


  • Hi,

    I was riding 6000 miles per year until 2016 when I was affected by prostatitis.

    Numerous visits to a specialist, time off the bike, and as soon as I returned to riding after a few weeks floored by infection again.

    I had surgery in Feb 17 to try and resolve the infection which didn't work.

    My GP put me on a low dose antibiotic daily (which I have been on for 6 months) and have had no issues. PSA is normal.

    Firstly- it depends on the cause of your prostatitis. Mine was definitely infective so not due to cycling but aggravated by it.I'd try and find out more is I was you.

    One positive which you could do was I attended a saddle pressure mapping bike fit at what is now Trek Cycle centre Manchester. This maps where you are sitting and they will then recommend the best saddle (and saddle height) to ensure your weight is on your sit bones, not your soft areas!

    I got a Selle Italia SLR superflow saddle after my fit.

    Hope that helps?
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