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Swelling under seat bone

keithc440keithc440 Posts: 277
Anybody had this before ? About 4 weeks ago my right seat bone became very uncomfortable during a ride. I got home and expected a boil or pimple to be the cause but nothing to see. A few hours later a large amount of swelling came out and it is black and blue like it has had a very heavy blow.
I went to the Doctors and he said it was probably a burst blood vessel resulting in a haematoma. There are two distinct round lumps left even after the swelling has gone down. Went back a week later after blood tests that show nothing and he said most likely they will disappear but referred me for an ultrasound scan next week just to be sure.
I went out today for the first time in nearly 4 weeks and even though I could feel it from the start it did not get any worse over the two hours plus I was out. It was not particularly sore. Afterwards it has swollen up again though this time there is no bruising or redness showing.
I do feel my stomach is swollen as well, though the Doctor didn't feel it was. I have pain in my groin on the same side when I cough or lift a heavy weight so I think I may have a small hernia but again the Doctor was not concerned by that. I wonder if they could be connected.
Anyone experienced anything similar ?


  • Read up on 'Perineal nodular induration' in cyclists. A lot of doctors and surgeons aren't really aware of it and is has only recently been recognised as a specific condition in the medical press.

    Basically, pressure over the sit bones can cause tissue damage and swelling that with repeated trauma can lead to the deposition of fatty tissue, scar-like tissue and fluid filled cysts. In mild cases these can resolve with rest, but the issue is likely to reoccur and may eventually need surgery - they can become huge. Another issue is finding a surgeon who is aware of the nature of the problem and how to treat it, even then a surgeon may be very reluctant to operate unless the growth is really big, so you just might have to lean to live with the problem, perhaps using a leather saddle that can mould itself to the shape of the additional tissue.

    To get you going there is a downloadable PDF on the topic here. ... 009705712/

    Another here. ... al_cyclist

    Here is a big, well-developed one that required surgery. ... 5-e244.pdf
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  • I've got one of these.

    I've had mine about 4 years and it appeared after a very slow ride with the wife where it felt like I was putting now power through the pedals and all my weight was going through the saddle. It was very black and blue and I had quite sore nuts so had a trip to the docs. After checking it out she said she'd never seen it before but checked my nuts for good measure.

    I've still got it but it's not as big as it was and hasn't caused me any bother at all it just looks a bit odd. I rode from Lancaster to Bristol last summer over three days and it caused me no issue at all.

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  • I have this too. What’s the status on you guys today?
  • webboowebboo Posts: 6,041
    After 4 years you might hope it’s sorted.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,725
    The other post he asked for information on is from 2008 so definitely hope it's sorted.
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