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what would you buy?

rebnahrebnah Posts: 18
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Hi people

Im completely stuck with making up my mind and i would like to get some advice please.

I want one of these 3 Scott scale hardtails. All bikes are brand new. My budget is £2600

Ive got a new pair of Fox factory step cast forks to put on one of them and then i will sell the old/new forks to get back a little money.

1 2016 Scale RC 700 £2399 Outstanding spec. Sram XX1, XTR brakes but old/new would only change shifter to XX1.

2 2017 Scale RC 700 pro £2500 i like the look, new style frame with all 1x11 XT M8000 and would change nothing.

3 2016 Scale 710 £1349 like the colour scheme ,very cheap, not as good frame and would spend savings on changing to 1x11 and new larger cassette, add some spare THOMSON carbon bars i have laying around and maybe wheels.

What would you buy out the three if you was me and why?

Links to bike here:


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