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Not another fork upgrade question...

edited January 2018 in MTB buying advice
After a full year riding on my Carrera Vengance it is now time to upgrade my forks. I'm in the market for a set of air forks and have narrowed it down to three options.

SR Suntour Raidon XC LO-R TS
£160 ... _89652.htm

Rockshox Recon Silver RL Solo Air
£203 ... prod160844

Manitou Marvel Comp
£240 ... prod158510

I am swayed towards the Raidons simply for the price and i think they will be a massive improvement to my current XCT's, likewise any over fork in existence. I like the appeal of Rockshox and how servicable they are. The Manitou are something a little different but almost cost the same as what i paidfor the bike.

I assume stay clear of Rockshox Coil forks as an "upgrade"?

Financially i know it would make sense to put the money towards a better bike but i like my Carrera and want to see how far i can take it. 8)


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