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where to learn more about designing modern training plans?

tirehebtireheb Posts: 4
hello there, first of all thanks for reading.
im old (33) and just got serious with road bike training a couple years ago (life is strange). thing is i have just done 2 years (2 full seasons) following the cyclist training bible (friel) and got good results. but after the second season trying this formula (a self designed training plan based on friel's book) i feel ive got a bit stuck.

so i started researching. and i've bumped into a lot of people that say that traditional base training period is a bit outdated. that modern training plans have a different approach based more on variability and high/medium intensity efforts. (basically that there is time for long low intensity endurance rides, but that a whole period of only that type of workout is not needed).

this is a good example of things i've read: ... -cyclists/

as you guys know, theres tons of info on the net, but most is in the style of article like that one or short posts. nothing is enough to make me confident to update or build a new training plan.

right now im at the point that im thinking friel's method is semi obsolete. the big question is where do i get more info to make a more modern training plan? what sites should i be reading? or maybe getting another book?

to give some info on me: i understand the most commong concepts but im not a big expert, i havent been training for 10 years but im pretty dedicated to this in the past years. i have been training 10-12 hours a week in 4 training sessions (aprox), i plan to invest the same time next season. just want it to be the most efficient. races im aiming are mainly 100-150km(with climbs), also want to be able to do 200km rides at a good pace. i usually do a 100-200km ride during the weekends. some short TT or hill climb now and then also as i live in a very hilly area (near mountains).

to make it short:
1- where can i get good modern info that can help me build or update a good training plan if i only know friel's methods?
2- what do you guys feel about a traditional 2-3 month base period?
3- any advice tip etc? i ride with some friends but no one handles more theory than i do, wich is scary, im tempted on hiring a coach, but the few real options are expensive and not sure if i can afford them right now.

by the way sorry for my basic english,its not my main language. cheers!


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    Talk to a few coaches with a view to getting some professional coaching which relates to your specific goals. Most training methodologies are different, but none are 'better' as such. General 'one size fits all' training advice, such as you get in many of these books, is only going to give you general improvements at best. So while Friel's methods are probably no more or less valid than any other, simply reading from a different book is probably not going to change anything significantly.
  • I would also consider doing some physiological testing with a qualified specialist if you are really serious, this will give you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses through metrics such as ftp, max aerobic power (MAP), VO2 max, lactate threshold etc. This can then be used to develop a training plan that incorporates your cycling goals as well as your physiogical parameters.
  • supermurph09supermurph09 Posts: 2,471
    Given that you have quite a lot of hours to commit, are going to race and have followed structure before I'd absolutely recommend getting a good coach. A coach can do many things for you if you need them to, but often it's a fear of letting the coach down that will push your performance up. People like Matt Bottrill coaching, Matt Clinton, Ric Stern from RST would be good people to chat to. Speak with a number of them and see who you feel fits you best.
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