Achilles tendon issue?

ChrisK1399 Posts: 24
Hi after a 60mile ride today (100km) and during the ride i felt a slightl pain in the achilles tendon. The thing is that my shoe ( that longer piece at the back (heel) ), my sock and my winter shoe cover was rubing against my tendon.
There is no pain doing whatsoever right now,except for extreme stretching myself on my toes ( compressing the tendon as far in as it goes)
Also where my shoe contacts the tendon, there is a spot (like an iritation).There is also a bladder lookalikes bump.
Can that be the cause of my "discomfort"?
Thank you!


  • zefs
    zefs Posts: 484
    If you overtighten the shoes or have your saddle too high (causing over extension) it can cause issues on that area.
  • Alright got it
    Thank you:)
  • I had exactly this. Turns out my Northwave winter boots were the problem and rubbed the sheath that covers the tendon.

    Ditched the boots, problem gone.
  • thank you, sorry for the late reply,in my case the socks were faulty-rubbing my achilles, problem gone long ago :)