Can you get motivated to train for TTs as a lighter rider?



  • neeb
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    Thanks all. Yes, I agree that it should be a personal challenge and it's good to know there are others in the same boat!
  • indjke wrote:
    I weigh 63-65 kg. But I am, no doubt, pure time trialist, according to my power profile and preference for sustained work.

    I tip the scales in the low 60's and am, no doubt, a purely sucky time trialist!! But I just love hammering away tucked down low over the bike slicing through the air at high(ish) speeds trying improve my times. I'll never ever be at the pointy end of the results board, but that's fine with me.

    Plus I'm a geek. It helps to be a geek.
  • joey54321 wrote:
    Lol, no, a true FTP test is ~60 mins. So it's closer to 1/3 of an FTP test.

    I love how both here and on Slowtwitch this tends to become an e-wang measuring contest.

    I use what I use to be able to complete training plans. FWIW, before the most recent test, I did one of those GCN hour of powers and got 95% of the 20min test.

    So, nana boo boo. Fart on your fun buddy.

    Pretty much NOBODY who is even a racer needs to do an hour test, ever, unless you're planning to do 25mi TT's or you race in Cat 3 or faster.

    When your road races are a max of about 90min and your local TT's are all well under an hour, why would I ever need to wreck my training plan or prep before races to do an hour test?

    You test to train, not impress other people. You make impressions on others by ripping their legs off on the ride.
  • joey54321
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    oh no! You nana boo booed me.

    Weeks ruined.
  • Sweeeeet, I achieved something this week then.

    Just having fun. No ill feelings intended.