Very bad cold/cough

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I've had a really bad cold since 22nd Dec, hideous cough and headache that pills don't touch. :(
Seems to be doing the rounds, hope not too many others affected.
Hopefully it's finally waning, so back out next weekend I hope.
Lost 6 or 7 lbs with it, so maybe faster up the hills, assuming energy levels return to previous levels! :)


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    Nope I'm 100% thanks.
    I don't do smileys.

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    I’ve had a similar bug for four weeks. Did a fell race Dec 3 but faded badly after an hour and felt rough afterwards. Two days later I developed a bad chest infection which became full blown sneezing cold with a raised temperature and headache by Dec 12.

    I am prone to chesty colds and suffer from exercise induced asthma and needed Froome levels of Ventolin puffs through the night to sleep. The coughing spasms put me on the brink of passing out. My wife has caught the same bug - shortly after telling our neighbour I had man flu. Poetic justice. We’ve both been feeling really depressed with this bug.

    I lost 4 lbs but am gradually getting back to fitness and just have mild chest congestion now. Managed two 20 minute gentle runs and two easy GCN spin sessions this week. But I definitely won’t be doing tomorrow’s New Year’s Day fell race on the Lond Mynd. At least I finish 2017 the lightest for four years.
  • Diet plays an important part in avoiding colds/ coughs etc.

    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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    Astragalus Root
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    My mother-in-law swears by poultices. And she knows people who never had a cold again after having their long hair cut or ears pierced.
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    Diet plays an important part in avoiding colds/ coughs etc.


    Only if you have a really bad diet in the first place....
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
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    Despite having a son who's a teacher, and who generally brings home some kind of virus at the end of every term, we've survived Christmas in rude health this year. I've put on the obligatory 7 or 8 pounds in as many days and the house is still overstocked with calorie dense foods.

    Sounds like some of our relatives have been less fortunate, with entire families laid low by some vile respiratory infection.

    I think pot luck has more to do with it than diet.
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    I had flu three weeks ago. Spent 36 hours in bed! Three weeks later I am still suffering a bad cough which is brought on after exercise. I am struggling to do any real intensity work and my fitness seems to have fallen off a cliff.
    I guess the answer is just tick over at low intensity and be patient?
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    struggling with it at the moment. Not had it as bad as my better half but been off the bike for a week and a half now. had 15mins on the turbo a couple of nigjts ago and it just got the bugs going again and zonked me out. another week or so before any exercise im thinking. pain in the backside
  • Phil485 wrote:
    pain in the backside

    Sounds like you need a bike fit
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • I came down with a horrible one about 2 weeks ago and was out for a week. Luckily it doesn't seem to have affected me too much but on the lead up to it my HR was through the roof. Was doing an FTP test and my HR went from 140/50 to 190 in about 20 seconds. Rough!

    Only hangover from it is whenever I get back up on the turbo I'm blowing my nose every 5 minutes
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    I had flu at the start of Jan - one week on the sofa and nearly three more weeks for it to subside. Tried group rides after that but my heart rate was wildly elevated at around 175bpm where it would normally only be about 130bpm. Really struggled and had nothing left in the legs at 50miles in. So much so that any incline saw me twiddling in bottom gear just to keep the bike moving...

    Two weeks later and with the weather and work I have only managed a ride once a week so fitness is not going to come back quickly... :(

  • Did a tough training ride on Friday, was out and about on Saturday when the proper sniffles and cough started. Saturday night felt like I was going to spontaneously combust, then Sunday the cough was constant and has been until this afternoon. Feel very run down, my abs are really sore fro coughing but hoping I’ll get a good nights sleep to kickstart the recovery.

    Got my first event coming up on the 11th March so with any luck I can recover some form before then, I’ll not risk building too quickly though, no point.
  • Just come down with stinking cold/cough last few days. Fortunately it didn't effect my week cycling etc in Lanzarote but now on my return I'm suffering big time. Glorious weather here and waves but all I'll be doing today is sitting on sofa watching the rugby. No sense of taste either so whatever I eat/drink can't taste so that's pretty grim also.
  • I had this horrible chesty cold from end of November to 2nd week in January and now I seem to have it again, Felt like shite last Friday! Cold, sweating, sore neck and shoulders. Thank goodness for Benylin and Neurofen !!!
  • In Greame Obree's book he spends chapter after chapter about looking after your body and avoiding illness and injury. May be worth a read for the sicknotes
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles