The Walking Dead

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I’ll say up front that I have been big fan of this programme since the first episode but started having my doubts during the last season. For various reasons, I am only now starting to watch the current season (8) and am starting to think that it's getting quite boring – indeed, for the first time, I struggled to even make it through an episode (the third) and am now beginning to question whether to give it up completely. Does anybody else watch it and, if so, what do they think?
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  • crumbschief
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    Yup it has been far too drawn out but that is common,i still watch it but from about season 5 i fast forward talking bits etc,i find this helps.
  • cougie
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    I've watched the last few series but I'm not bothered with it now. Negan has got boring and they've made some silly mistakes with it.
  • pblakeney
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    Too repetitive. Got bored during S6 and decided S7 was definitely one season too much. Gave up. PS, I heard they had quite a few season yet to come (300 total?) so don't expect any conclusions.
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    I might watch the last episode of this season just to see what's going on. Really needs winding up now.
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    With forums like this I don't need any additional media input on walking dead.
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