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Duathlon - sort of

faarnfaarn Posts: 52
I have agreed to take part in a charity bike/run. It consists of 5 hill runs (about 4km each) with a bike ride in between each (riding a total of 240km). I have been fit in the past but have done relatively little in the last 2 years (I can still run 10km in about 55 mins).

SO my question is does anyone have a suitable training plan? I have 6 months to get my fitness back up and have set a target of around 12 hours.



  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Sounds to me like you need to get used to hill runs. Depending on the terrain they might be hikes ?
    Can you get to the route to check it out ?

    Run a bit. Cycle a lot. Should work.
  • faarnfaarn Posts: 52
    Yes have seen the route. Around Somerset so half flat, half hilly. The runs are up some beacons (Glastonbury Tor being one of them). Guess I will get on the turbo trainer and start building up endurance.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    Endurance is best built on the road - unless you fancy spending several hours at a time on the turbo.
  • faarnfaarn Posts: 52
    By the time I finish work it is dark and I'm not a fan of riding in the dark - will certainly get back outside when it gets lighter though. I just need a good boxset to keep me going while indoors now!
  • That is a big day out. Could be a fantastic training experience and thrilling day or a miserable lonely training plan and survival event.
    Long rides are made much more bearable in company. suggest you join a bike club for group rides or go the whole way and join a tri club for both bike and run training.
    Running would be better in company too, at least for short runs.
    Impossible to say more without knowing you/weight/equipment/job etc personally. So join a tri club and get some personalised advice from a coach or experienced member.
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