Cold Feet

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Here we go again, as winter approaches my rides get ruined by frozen toes.
Double socks
Tin foil wrap
Toes thingies
Just bought some lace up shoes to even out pressure.
Tried it all but still suffer.
They tend to get back to normality within 15 mins of getting home.
Anybody any success?
All other extremities fine...


  • bompington
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    Most likely shoes too tight - if not normally, they will be by the time you've stuffed all that in. Like Oxo, I find that summer shoes, one pair of woolly socks and overshoes to top off is more than enough to keep me OK in temperatures way below freezing: -3 my coldest so far this winter, -7 my personal worst.
  • robertpb
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    I recently bought some Bridgedale ski compression socks, they are not thick yet my feet have kept warmer than all the thick socks I have worn before.
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  • Biggest step I've taken (and it's cured them completely) is to get a pair of winter boots. In my case Specialised Defroster Road.

    I've previously always been in the "summer shoes/winter socks/neo overshoes" camp but they've never been as reliably warm because if you're wearing summer shoes then winter socks (of any thickness) make them too tight and therefore a cold bridge.
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  • cougie
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    You really need big shoes to fit all that stuff in your shoes otherwise you'll make it worse by reducing the space and cutting off the bloodline.

    You don't need tight laces either. I'm using elastic laces for ease and I've never pulled a foot out.

    Also spin a lower gesr faster. That always helps to keep me warm.
  • redvision
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    OP make sure your core is layered enough to keep warm. You might think you have enough on but if your core temp drops the body pulls blood from toes and hands to increase/ maintain core temp. It's why toes and fingers go white and get very cold.

    Also, heat your socks before putting them on. Really does help.
  • navrig2
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    Winter boots slight upsized with good quality socks and not too tight. Good for below zero temps.
  • Thanks all, will try suggestions,
  • Mikey23
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    Some good advice there!
  • diy
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    food baggies over your socks, but never really had a problem with the thicker neoprene over shoes
  • Everyone is different unfortunately. The people offering advice of socks, shoes and overshoes clearly don't suffer from cold feet.

    My best solution so far is my cheap Shimano shoes, one pair of winter socks(not thick ones), feet/toe warmers on top of toes, shoes not too tight, mavic thermo overshoes covered over with a pair of gribgrab hammerhead neoprene overshoes.

    Still only gets me 3 hours, but I can usually manage the next hour or two without too much discomfort. Did 4 and a half hours at -2 this morning.

    Not managed to find a solution for my hands yet.
  • fudgey
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    I suffer with cold feet and hands and as said, last winter started to layer up more and keep my core warmer.
    I use defeet woolie boolies, northwave celsius boots and decent gloves or lobster mitts.

    Windproof jersey is must imo in the cold.
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  • As a few others have suggested, winter boots.

    I have Northwave winter boots, a size too big, with thick socks, or two pairs of thin ones.

    And super thick neoprene overshoes that go over the boots.

    I suffered terribly until I got them. Now, feet always toasty, even when hands are freezing (and I have pretty thick gloves too).
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    north wave artic shoes. todays MTB race was a good test. Wet cold/snow and my feet where the only part of me that stayed warm and dry. One foot has nasty chilblanes as well, no pain from them. they are expensive shoes but stop riding becoming painful. There is a road bike version as well. I have those too. ... Boots.aspx

    or ... Boots.aspx -wheel building and other stuff.