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Downhill / Maybe Enduro For Around 2k

neilvxneilvx Posts: 137
edited December 2017 in MTB general
Morning everyone,

I have tried to search for answers but I don’t think I am hitting the right key words lol.

I am looking to try and find a downhill / maybe enduro for around 2k. I know this is quite a small budget for a downhill bike but have noticed quite a few to still pick from.

I know second hand would be the best bet and bang for buck but just worried about getting into a mechanical nightmare and end up paying as much as a new bike.

I already have a carbon Cube hardtail but last time I used that I did get a battering, I did make it to the bottom at least haha.

The reason I added an Enduro (they have the 160mm travel don’t they) is because I am no die hard and would I really need 200mm of travel on the bike.

This is why I need everyone’s help as I am just gong round in circles.
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