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Ant+ Display recommendation please

iSpokeiSpoke Posts: 3
I have a wrist-worn Garmin Vivo Active HR which does all that I want in terms of GPS, collecting sensor data and uploading to Strava etc. But what I need is a simple handlebar display for my HRM, speed and cadence sensors. (This is where Ant+ wins out over bluetooth; because Ant+ sensors transmit rather than pair they can link to more than one device).

I don't need it to have GPS (because my Garmin is doing that) but what I do need is a big read out for my failing eyesight. So I'm looking for a recommendation a large display Ant+ screen that keeps everything nice and simple.

P.S I tried the Garmin 25 (even though I was paying for GPS that I didn't need) but the display was too small.

Thanks in advance


  • Have a look about for a used Garmin Edge 500. Loads knocking about and the display is excellent and you can make it pretty large on screen depending on how many windows you monitor
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,958
    I know you are not after GPS but have a look at the Bryton 310. Its a cracking little device, which rivals the garmin 500 but has more features. Plus you can pick it up from about £25 used, to £70 new. For the price i don't think it can be beaten.
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,809
    Some mobile phones and tablets have ANT+ built in and you may be able to download a free app which displays the data. If you have such a phone/tablet all you will need is a means of mounting it on the handlebars.

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    Apps ... 7C118/~/~/
  • Thanks for the replies. Sorry it took a while to get back to you, I assumed I'd get an email notification. Clearly I need to check my settings. I'll follow those suggestions and let you know how I get on
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