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Decision time - advice needed!

blokie13blokie13 Posts: 93
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I currently ride a 2017 Boardman Team 29er hardtail and I'm loving it, however I've started doing more offroad (usually the red Kitchener Trail at Sherwood Pines) and I'm finding the hardtail just too uncomfortable for the job, not to mention struggling to put any traction down.

I've got ~£1000 to spend on an FS, and I'd initially rounded it down to the following (prices take into account BC and work reward scheme discounts I can get). Any thoughts on whether the Bossnut v2 is worth the extra £204 over the Team FS, and whether the Pro FS is worth the extra £276 over the Bossnut / £480 over the Team FS?

Boardman Team FS - £720
Calibre Bossnut V2 - £924
Boardman Pro FS - £1200

One thing that the Pro FS has that the other two doesn't is a 1x groupset which really, really appeals (my 29er has an SRAM GX 1x11 and I love it). Not sure if that should be a concern / focus or not??

Also happy to consider other options around the same price range, but really looking to keep it down to 3 figures as opposed to going the other way!!

Boardman Pro FS 650b | Boardman Team 29er HT | Specialized Tricross Sport


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