Hardtail + dropper vs. full sus + rigid

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Obviously I'd expect plenty of people to ask why not full sus with a dropper, but I'm wondering what people would choose given the options of a hardtail with a dropper post, versus a full sus of similar quality with a rigid seatpost. Poll ahoy!


  • fat daddy
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    since using a dropper post ...... it is by far the most improvement I have made to my riding of all time just to be able to get rid of the saddle and let the bike do what it wants underneath you is pure bliss.

    If I really really cant have a dropper on a full sus .... then I would go hardtail. BUT, for the sake of £120 cant I have the full sus and a brand-x dropper ?
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    Silly choice. Depends on the bike. My main bikes are a FS with dropper for trails and a HT without for gentle XC type stuff.
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    Most of my favourite places to ride involve a push up or sessioning jumps so the seat post stays down all day and a dropper is of no benefit but rear suspension is.
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    Anecdotally you get a lot more issues with a dropper in an HT than an FS, presumably due to the shock loading over lumpy ground that an FS soaks up.

    FS and save up for the dropper, or stick with a decent HT and a basic (cheap) disposable dropper.
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    I've got an mk 1 reverb on my hardtail which has been faultless, my newer version on my full susser has been far less reliable
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