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Participate in a crowd-sourced study

liversedgeliversedge Posts: 1,003
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James Hopker at Kent University is conducting a crowd-sourced study into the relationships between training and performance.

If you have 3 years of training behind you and a power meter you should participate:

1. Participation is just a case of uploading workouts and a regular performance test alongside your normal training
2. The study will last for 16 weeks
3. You will use GoldenCheetah to upload workout data (via Google Drive)
4. The study data will be made available for open access (without GPS or Personal Identifiable Information)

Please do get in contact with James for more details, the flyer with contact details is here: ... /Flyer.pdf

Participants are being invited to get involved now to iron out technicalities and get baseline data resolved, with the study kicking off in the New Year.

We are hoping that participants will be drawn from around the world from all ages, gender and abilities.


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  • EBEBEBEB Posts: 98
    Hi Mark,

    just to clarify:

    1) When the flier says ‘user of GC’; is that continuous? I’ve had breaks whilst I’ve been using indoor training software. I also use an ANT+ BT bridge that does weird things to .fit files (only file type it exports). To import them into GC I need to open them in something else and then convert them, which is quite a hassle - I’m still trying to figure that one out. It’s doable for 12 weeks though, just historical ones not on GC already…
    2) here you said ‘have…power meter’. Is that now or for all the three years training? Like many people I trained without a PM for ages and now have 2. It may be 3 years since the first, but I’d need to look at my old files.

    Best Wishes, Eerke
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