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Second set of wheels (26")

champ222champ222 Posts: 63
edited October 2017 in MTB buying advice
Hi all, just bought a used Cube ltd from 2009 as my first bike.

now, the bike is currently fitted with Schwalbe Land cruiser tyres: ... uiser.html

they will suit me fine for the short term while i get used to it, but i also got the original tyres (racing ralph and nobby nic) which appear to have some life left in them, plus some tubes.

i'd like to get another set of wheels to fit these tyres to. They dont need to be anything special, so i'll look on ebay etc.

what am i looking for fit wise? If i find some quick release 26" wheels with disc brakes will they definitely fit? are there different widths too?

i was planning to get other cassette thats the same as the one i have already, would that mean i can just switch the wheels out without having to make any adjustments? its no problem if breaks/gears will need a tweak.




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