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Hi All,

After having an accident last week, I have to re-think my safety equipment.
Basic is the helmet. I'm thinking which could do more, a usual bicycle helmet or a skater helmet. Which one is safer, comfortable for commuting 20km a day?


Thanks in advance.


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    Is your commute 20 km total, or 20 km each way? If the latter, or if you sweat on a hilly 10 km, the extra comfort and ventilation on the boardman should seal the deal.

    I don't know about safer, and I doubt anybody can honestly say, as that'd require large cohorts of cyclists on skater helmets for a few years, in order to get representative numbers.
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    Skater helmet - name name says it.

    Get the Boardman.
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    Both helmets have to pass the same standard so it's all about comfort really. You need to try them on.
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    The Boardman's a nice lid, and I bought one recently but returned it a couple of days later because the Giro at a similar price point was more comfortable (and more familiar, being pretty much a direct replacement for my last two) and the B' didn't really offer anything extra. Also, a road or hybrid helmet will likely have a level of adjustment for better fit not usually offered in a skate helmet. If you're vain, you'll look like a pillock riding a road bike in that urban lid, equally the Boardman on a BMX.

    Why limit it to just the two? Take other things into account, such as colour - you'd be amazed at how much a bright helmet can stand out especially if you filter a bit, and the above mentioned Giro has reflective strips built in which will help with night riding. Several models also have built in lights, or places to put them and the same for cameras. I'm also going to assume that at least at some point the sun shines when you're riding, so do your sunnies fit underneath?

    Overall though, and the absolute be all and end all is that no matter what you choose, if it doesn't fit properly it won't be able to do its job. Almost equally, comfort will less likely provide a distraction leading to you making a bad decision on the road.
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  • The Mongoose is heavy (~600g IIRC), but the large fitted me like a round glove, I nearly bought one myself mid summer in white. Ended up with fluro yellow Giro Savant for £41 from Wiggle.
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  • Thanks for everyone. Finally I ended up a Giro Foray MIPS 2017. Hopefully It will arrive in few days.
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    I would have, and have gone for the Lumos:

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