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Urgent Help Needed On 2 Choices

matty1938matty1938 Posts: 5
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Hi Guys

First of all, hello, looking forward to getting involved in the forum.

I need a bit of advice, i am coming back into mountain biking after a little while and with my budget i have two seemingly great choices and i'd like to pull the trigger on one asap.

1 is a Voodoo Hoodoo, good condition, standard spec.

2 is a Cube Ltd, with Fox 32's, SRAM x5 2x10, Racing Ralph Tyres, Shimano hydro brakes and charge saddle.

I know the spec of the cube bike is better, but i heard they can be very harsh as a frame?

Welcome opinions and experience.


  • Where do you live, and what sort of riding will you be doing?

    I have an old Cube Ltd, so my opinion may be out of date. But extensively its a cross-country racer. My friends say it is twitchy / unforgiving.
    It's certainly well specced, relatively light and fast. I found it best suited to longer rides, and cross-country commutes. (I used it for a number of coast-2-coasts). It was great for wooded trails and firetrack.
    Not sure if I would want it to take it on the more technical rides I do now though. The stiff frame means there are times when my fillings are rattling in my mouth.
    I would guess (looking at reviews), that the HooDoo may be better suited for more aggressive riding.
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