Help me make an training/execise routine

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I am a 15 year old girl, recently started road cycling (avg speed 24kmh) Im 157.5cm tall and I weigh 41.2kg. I'd like someone to make a training routine for me based on my schedule. I want a routine that could help me improve and get faster at cycling over time. You can include only cycling in the routine but if you'd like to add another form of exercise, I'm okay with home workouts (youtube videos like sit ups, crunches, squats, etc...) and yoga. I have school everyday at 8.30AM and end everyday at 4PM. It takes me one hour to get home from school with the public transport (my mom doesnt allow me to bike to/from school). Also, keep in mind that I have to eat dinner with fam once I get home, also I have homework and need to get good sleep. I'm free on the weekends (saturday and sunday). Also, my long term goal is get as good as a pro cyclist. Last but not least, I live in Stockholm so it gets hard to cycle during the winter which lasts long.


  • I can understand your problem in winter in Stockholm, perhaps you can afford, or convince your parents to buy a turbo trainer, it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Then you can train whenever you get the chance indoors. Listen to music or watch a training video for motivation.
  • As advised in your other posts, it would help you to try and join a club that has a youth section. Not sure if there are any such clubs in Stockholm but try and look for one that can coach you.

    Also it is worth reading this short article about advising youth training ... -from.html

    Another thing perhaps you could try in winter is cross country skiing, it will complement cycling quite well
  • It's better to join cycling classes with an experienced trainer which also helps to make a perfect routine for you. If you want to become a pro-cyclist, then it also matters to make your basic technique strong which is only possible under the guidance of professional coach/trainer.
  • Contact your federation for advice