2 people, 1 trainer = Wattbike Atom or alternative?

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With winter approaching and having seen my form dip last winter, I'm quite keen to get a trainer.

Mrs TB is into spinning and is quite keen to get some sort of training bike - she looked into Peloton. First off, from what I can see, Peloton doesn't do Zwift, TrainerRoad etc which I'm after. If you know differently please let me know.

Having read the other thread on here (which I now can't find), I can see that 2 road bikes on 1 trainer isn't a great idea - especially as I have a disc Campag mash-up.

The Wattbike Atom looked like it might be one solution, are there any others people are aware of? Rollers don't appeal to either of us...

And whilst asking questions, do you know if via the Wattbike Mrs TB can do Peloton-style spinning? It seems that Peloton itself is limited to their own hardware.