How long after major surgery?

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Hi Guys.

I'm sat in my hospital bed trying to get my head round how long it will be before I flop my leg over a road bike again.
I've had an operation to remove and resection my small to large intestines ( 12" ) after years of Crohn's Disease.
It's looking good and I have a further 6 weeks off work
Realistically when should I be hopping on the bike for a steady 1st ride.


  • Each case is individual. Listen to your doctor's advice regarding when your can reasonably begin physical activity. The last thing you want to do is attempt too much too hard too quickly and end up doing damage. Hard as it might be, you'll need patience.
  • I had a similar issue about 20 years ago which led to me being cut from my sternum to pubic bone and around 3 feet of bowel removed. I ended up with a stoma and was off work for six months. As I'd recovered pretty well after that length of time I was allowed to ride but could physically only manage about ten miles at a time. After another six months I had the stoma reversed (November) and after discussion with my surgeon went to Majorca in March for two weeks. Dependant on how much of an incision you had is key, I believe that the standard period for incisions in the stomach area is around six weeks. They will probably stitched the muscle layers as well as the skin so once the scar has healed fully you should be OK, but as has been said, take it steady to begin with and always check with your surgeon. The gut is very good at healing itself and there should be minimal risk of injury through cycling.
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    As others have said, speak to your surgeon and follow their advice. Don't rush it.
    I had a similar op and had a physio visit me twice a day to help with getting walking again post op, and exercises to do in bed to help with recovery (exercises focussed on legs, tum and lungs). If you haven't spoken to a physio and are still bed bound then it is worth asking to speak to one for some additional advice.
    Good luck with the recovery - it may feel slow at times but is well worth being patient and recovering well. In time you will be fine getting back on the bike.
  • Firstly you need to get fit physically which is good for your whole life. I suggest you to after recovery join any cycling studio, the benefit is their cycles are stationaries and you can improve your endurance without making much impact on your previous surgery.
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    I have been told several weeks for minor surgery, cut will heal to stitches out in 10 days but be weak against stress.

    Was thinking of starting on the rollers though to be in controlled environment, and avoid all risk of getting knocked off for a while.
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    As long as it takes. No one on this site is qualified to answer your query.