How to get back on the bike after a fractured pelvis

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Looking for any recommended suggestions for returning to the saddle. I was in a bad car accident, not riding my bike. Been off the bike since August 17, everyday getting stronger. PT comes to the house 3 times a week, I do PT twice a day that is suggested to my best ability. Most important keeping myself positive and knowing that I will be out on the bike.


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    I couldnt get my leg over the bike after my hip replacement. Needed to stand on a box. Look back through the threads there are a few of us who have been there and overcome. Stay positive, stay strong
  • Best wishes for your recovery myMa64. Like Mikey23 bust my hip back in November 2016 so a different injury to you but just understand what you're going through. It's hard to project forward to see the recovery. Keep doing the right things as you're doing. My hip replacement made me determined to get back to where I was and beyond. The time off work gave me a chance to reflect and evaluate on lots of things too. Made me more determined in lots of other areas too.
    Good luck with everything. Keep up the positive minsdset and keep posting too as it will help others going through similar in the future.
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    For what its worth, eight months on I'm as good and sometimes better than i was. Turbo trainer and zwift were my friends until i was fit and confident enough to get outdoors again...
  • Took me five months after my femur fracture (sub trochanter spiral fx) before I could get my leg over the saddle (just) of my road bike - while it was on a turbo trainer. And that was with much popping. It was 10 month before the surgeon (and the wife) would trust me to ride again outdoors. Two years on, I'm about as bike-fit as I ever was, but walking is still sub-par, and running is pretty much out of the question thanks to the metalwork. the hip did eventually stop popping.
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    My wife broke her pelvis in two places affecting the pubic ramus (non-load bearing at the front) in an audax accident at the end of October 2014.

    She started on a static spin bike at the beginning of January, and short road rides at the end of January. She started running for very short distances at the end of February, gradually building up distance and successfully completed a five-mile running race in the April.

    Her running and cycling continued getting better over the next couple of months as she gradually upped pace and distance. By August she felt normal again.