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Brakes on bar ends

Barrie the SlowBarrie the Slow Posts: 9
edited September 2017 in Commuting general
I bought a 2nd hand Scott Speedster S30 which has after-market bar ends. I've never had bar ends before, It's been quite a revelation to me just how nice they are. They are very comfortable, bit more of an aero position, and the hand/arm orientation seems more natural, especially when trying to put some effort in. I guess that's why gym bikes have them. Also, even though it isn't so 'aero' the wider spacing of the hands seems to feel better too. So the bar ends are my preferred position.
But I don't like having no brakes on the bar ends. It means that I am constantly having to move the hands to the handlebars whenever I need to worry about having to brake which in traffic is most of the time. Is it possible to buy brakes to fit on the bar ends ? The current brakes are Scott's own side pulls and the gear shifts are Shimano and the derailleurs are Shimano 105.


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