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Nutrition and training tips for long ride

Hey, new to road cycling so looking for some advice. Next weekend I'm doing my first 100 miler that includes 2 ferry rides at 35m and 65m. This will likely involve waiting about a bit (~1hr) which is where I'm trying to figure out what I should be doing to refuel/recover and keep my body from seizing up. Should I carb load, protein supplements- Any advice?


  • i wouldnt do anything too fancy tbh. eat a good balanced meal the night before and a good breakfast. if theres a stop at 35 and 65 miles i'd check for a nice coffee shop nearby for a bite to eat if time allows. take a couple of bananas and a cereal bar just in case. there's no need for gels or supplements.
    if theres no coffee shops for a bite, then take a few peanut or jam sandwiches along, but money is easier to carry for a shop.

    drink when you are thirsty, i'd say i'd drink 1.5- 2 L on 100 miles at a steady pace on most days (3- 4 typical bottles)
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    Try to make sure you are properly hydrated before and during the event. I usually sip on a bottle of water regularly at least 24 hours before a big ride.

    Also I'd try and get some carbs down me the night before. Don't go mad, but maybe have a nice bowl of pasta or something. The following morning, make sure you have a decent breakfast with plenty of fruit etc.

    During the ride, again stay hydrated and try to eat a bit. Energy bars, gels, banana's etc. I usually consume something at least every hour to keep me going. Also I like to take on board salty stuff, pretzels etc as I find it helps keep the cramp away.

    Definitely take advantage of those ferry rides to refuel.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Just eat normally before the ride. No real need to carbo load as such.

    You can get by with nibbling as you go along. If you eat too much at your stops the body will still be digesting as you ride so don't overdo the food.

    I'd probably drink about 2l but everyone's different. Certainly top up your bottles at the stops.

    Sounds like fun though.
  • Thanks all for feedback
  • kingstongrahamkingstongraham Posts: 25,859
    If there's a reliable café on the ferry/dock, you can get away with only carrying one bottle and just an emergency gel. Lovely. You're then doing three 50km rides with the opportunity to eat, drink and refill your bottle in between them.
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