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Bimalleolar fracture, surgery with plate and screws

gmkleusergmkleuser Posts: 25
Hello all,

I recently took a spill while riding and fractured my right medial and lateral malleolus. I had surgery and now have a plate on screws on the lateral tibia and two large screws on the medial side.

If you know what I am talking about then you are probably either an orthopedist or you have had the same injury.

Basically, I just wanted to reach out and get any feedback in regards to healing time, how long post surgery should I wait before trying to put any weight on it, what can I do while I am still in the cast to fend of some muscle atrophy and avoid the tendons and ligaments getting too stiff, what can I expect when I get back on the bike. Yes, I have spoken to the doctor but he is fairly old school and doesn't have any sports background. He basically told me to do nothing for 6 weeks then see what happens in physical therapy. Maybe that is the way to do it, but I thought I would seek out other opinions.

Any input based on your experiences or expertise is more than welcome.

Thanks to all and enjoy the summer riding for me as I am out of commission for a while.



  • markp80markp80 Posts: 444
    As you've suggested yourself George, I'd be led by your physiotherapist.
    To give a little encouragement, I had a tibia plateau fracture, and as part of the rehab, my physio actively encouraged me to cycle as much as I felt comfortable with. The biggest problem was getting my knee to bend enough to do a pedal stroke after 13 weeks locked straight, but you sound like it won't be as long for you.
    So I reckon you might be pedalling sooner than you think, but don't do it unless you're given the ok. And try to recognise the difference between "good pain" and "bad pain".

    Boardman Road Comp - OK, I went to Halfords
    Tibia plateau fracture - the rehab continues!
  • gmkleusergmkleuser Posts: 25
    Thanks for the encouragement, Mark!
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