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PTP - 2017 Tour de France - 1-23 July

bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 10,219
edited July 2017 in Pro race
So it's the one everybody has been waiting for and the one that will probably sink my PTP chances for the year...

The route:

Bookie's odds for the overall (paddypower):
Porte 6/4
Froome 13/8
Quintana 7/1
Contador 16/1
Aru 16/1
Fuglsang 20/1
Valverde 22/1
Bardet 25/1
Majka 50/1
Thomas 66/1

Rules are the same as ever:


On the day for each stage for the stage and July 1st for the overall please.

Housekeeping - I'm away and in a stupid time zone until Sunday 9th so unless someone wants to help me out there will be no scoring or jerseys awarded until the first rest day (10th).


  • FCE2007FCE2007 Posts: 863
    GC: Richie Porte.
    Stage 1: Jos Van Emden please.

    Cheers and good luck to all :)
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  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 25,479
    GC Porte
    Stage 1: Martin
    Twitter: @RichN95
  • jscljscl Posts: 1,015
    GC: Bardet
    St 1 : T Martin
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  • m.r.m.m.r.m. Posts: 2,419
    GC: Froome
    S1: Tony Martin
    PTP Champion 2019
  • Dorset_BoyDorset_Boy Posts: 4,349
    GC: Froome
    St1: Tony Martin

    That map is a bit out with some of its locations!
  • cruffcruff Posts: 1,518
    GC - Froome
    S1 - der panzerwagen
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  • Omar LittleOmar Little Posts: 2,010
    GC - Froome
    1 - Tony Martin
  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 10,219
    Dorset Boy wrote:
    GC: Froome
    St1: Tony Martin

    That map is a bit out with some of its locations!

    I blame Wikipedia - I've swapped it for the one from although it looks exactly the same except with country names added for the benefit of presumably Americans who don't know where any European countries are.
  • NervexProfNervexProf Posts: 4,202
    GC: Froome
    S1: Tony Martin please
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  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 10,219
    GC: Froome
    S1: Tony Martin
  • red.riderred.rider Posts: 642
    Thanks in advance for organising!

    GC -- Richie PORTE
    Stage 1 -- Tony MARTIN
  • salsiccia1salsiccia1 Posts: 3,715
    Overall: FROOME Christopher, please
    Stage 1: MARTIN Tony, bitte
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  • ocdupalaisocdupalais Posts: 3,947
    GC - Porte
    St 1 - Roglic
  • KeyKey Posts: 464
    GC: Porte
    Stage 1: Tony Martin
  • sageflysagefly Posts: 295
    GC Yates
    S1 Durbridge

    Turned out nice again!
  • RonBRonB Posts: 3,984
    GC - Richie Porte
    S1 - Tony Martin please
  • smithy21smithy21 Posts: 2,204
    GC Porte
    1 Thomas
  • cal_stewartcal_stewart Posts: 1,840
    GC: Bardet
    St 1 : T Martin
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  • twotoebennytwotoebenny Posts: 1,078
    GC Froome
    S1 Tony Martin

    Thanks in advance
  • GC - Froome
    S1 - Tony Martin
  • insane_onerrinsane_onerr Posts: 371
    Back one's again with the iLL behaviour, can u feel? Nothing can save yaah

    GC - Froome
    S1 - Tony Martin
    PTP Tour de France Winner 2019
    PTP Tour de France Green jersey Winner 2019
    PTP Tour de France White jersey Winner 2020
  • GC: Richie Porte - he's got to come good over 3 weeks at some point right?

    Stage 1: Tony Martin
  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 8,952
    GC: the predicted most disappointing Nairo Quintana

    S1: Jos van Emden to replicate his Giro ITT win
  • takethehighroadtakethehighroad Posts: 5,989
    I thought this morning that you could do pretty well choosing just British riders for this TDF PTP.

    Therefore, please can I have the following...

    GC - Froome
    1 - Cummings
    2 - Cavendish
  • Mad_MalxMad_Malx Posts: 4,368
    GC Quintana
    1: Tony Martin
  • TheBigBeanTheBigBean Posts: 14,004
    GC - Quintana
    Stage 1 - Tony Martin (although I think it is too short)
  • tforondatforonda Posts: 1,193
    GC: Richie Porte
    Stage 1: Primoz Roglic
  • courtmedcourtmed Posts: 164
    GC Porte
    1 Cavendish
  • DialatronDialatron Posts: 885
    GC: Quintana
    St 1: Tony Martin
    St 2: Kittel
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  • ridgeriderridgerider Posts: 2,843
    GC: Bardet

    1. Roglic
    2. Groenewegen

    As Blur sang..."Woo Hoo" (disrupted afternoon workflows for the next three weeks!)
    Half man, Half bike
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