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New cycle Storage lockers at work, Insurance invalid apparently

Sim2003Sim2003 Posts: 5
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Well this is my first time posting on these forums so hi all who read. A little abput me and the location I am talking about first so a little perspective is given. I work in Coventry City centre 4:30am-11:00am Thurs-Monday and my bike a Trek 520.

I have been commuting to this current workplace for the past 3 years and had no issues at all with the cycle parking we had in place and it gradually got worse to better.

We had a caged area without a roof and a coded lock for access, then a load of the U-bend bike rails. (I would post a image but cant see how). I use 2 D-locks a cable lock and padlock to secure my saddle. So I had no real worries someone would choose to steal mine over others that were poorly locked if at all.

However other people kept getting bikes stolen. 1 lad had his taken twice, a manager had his taken and a few others over the past year.

So the company has installed Bikemaster double sided bike lockers. Which to me is a real nice gesture as they did not have to spend the kind of money they have on these and they do look a lot more secure than the cage and posts. But my bike insurance does not cover me because my bike is not secured to a fixed immovable object.

Also my worry about these units is that knowing how clever/desperate thieves are once one does get inside one unit then they will be able to get into any. So with my bike being a equal target it leaves me in a bit of a situation as to where I park my bike.

I would use rails just over the road from work but they are always empty at that time of morning and when I have seen a bike on it at the time I finish they are often vandalised.

If you did read it all thank you :) I would like to have made it shorter.


  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    Is the locker not an immovable object? Does it not have some kind of point within that you could d lock onto?

    Might be worth talking to your insurance company directly.

    I'd be far too paranoid about vandalism to leave my bike on the street posts every day.
  • Sim2003Sim2003 Posts: 5
    Did speak to them directly via online chat this was the convo. You would think they would be classed as immovable.

    Welcome to Santander live chat. You are now chatting with Samantha. How can I help you today?
    You: Hi there Samantha. Just a question about insurance for my bicycle and whether it is insured at my workplace being stored inside a Bikeminder Locker.
    Samantha: If your bike is locked to a fixed point, with D lock, you are certainly covered for this.
    You: No they are individual lockers for bikes. We did have fixed posts but just been replaced with these
    Samantha: Not to worry, I will look further into this, just to make sure that you are covered.
    You: ok thank you
    Samantha: May I ask if the bike will be locked to a fixed point, inside of the locker?
    You: No it litterally gets rolled in door closed and locked with a key
    Samantha: Thanks for confirming.
    Samantha: I have checked this for you and can confirm that the bike would not be covered if stolen from the locker. We would, however, cover you if it was locked to a fixed point with a D shaped lock.
    You: Ok thanks for clearing that up I will have to discuss it further with my workplace . I do use 2 D-locks a padlock and a cable lock .
    Samantha: You're more than welcome. It's great to see that you are using these locks, and if you continue to secure the bike as you have stated (with the locks) you will be covered.
    You: cheers. thanks again , have a nice day
  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    In which case you should probably talk to your workplace and see either if they might cover your bike on their insurance, or if they are able to add a ground/side anchor point to the locker so that you can meet the requirements of your insurance.

    Failing that, you might want to stop paying for the insurance and put your money instead towards a beater bike to use on the commute, which you would be less concerned about for vandalism/theft.
  • Sim2003Sim2003 Posts: 5
    Beater bike is a good shout.

    Will have a word with HR when they are back from holiday.
  • redbikejohnredbikejohn Posts: 155
    Ask engineering department to weld a hoop of some sort inside so you can lock the bike inside too.
  • Sim2003Sim2003 Posts: 5
    Well the issue has been resolved, pending the work to be done.

    After several E-mails and discussions with HR, store management etc. It was found the company providing the lockers were suppose to have some hoops inside fitted so its just a case of waiting for that to be sorted.
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