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Afternoon all,

Apologies for the less than technical post... NEWBIE ALERT

I am getting more and more into MTB'ing and am lucky enough to live a short drive from Swinley Forest. I have also just inherited a 2006ish Kona Stab Garbanzo. Having searched online to see what a Garbanzo was all about I now understand it to be a repackaged Kona Stinky Primo from the same year, built for Whistler. There are still no real details on the bike itself though as it's relatively niche.
As it's a DH machine it's not exactly suited to the trails of Swinley Forest, especially going up. I find myself bouncing up and down more than going forwards. To combat this someone suggested swapping the large spring shock at the rear for a Air sprung rear shock with lockout or 'propedal'. I currently have what I believe is the stock Marzocchi Rocco (needs replacing anyway as it's had it's day) and up front a Marzocchi Bomber 66VF2.
Where do I start with upgrading/swapping the rear shock? I don't want to spend more than £100 right now so would be looking at second hand as long as it's in working order. What sizes do I need? anything I should particularly look out for or steer clear of?

The frame is a 15.5" which I believe classes as a Medium. I am around 13.5st and 5'10" which I've been told will make a difference too.

Many thanks in advance



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    That's a very old, rather heavy DH/FR bike. Nothing you can do will make it nice around Swinley. Either push up and ride down Babymaker a lot, or sell it and buy something more rideable.

    IMHO of course.

    Otherwise you need to measure the eye to eye length and travel of the shock and find something the same.
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  • MattyB85
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    Nice one, thanks Cooldad

    Not really trying to make it "nice" but I'm going to try to reduce the bounce for now as it's quite a fun bike all round... the climbing aspect is becoming a pain although it's bearable to a point. Once I'm happy I've improved to a decent level I'll look at selling up and getting something better/newer but funds are tight at the moment so I'm just making do with what I have/can afford.

    Forgive my ignorance... what is eye to eye length and how would I measure it?? Would you recommend anything to replace the Rocco?

    Ta much
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    There's a Kona Stinky Primo on ebay, no bid but listed at £400. If they were to go for that, add your £100, and get yourself an entry level hardtail. It will be much better around Swinley, and you're more likely to enjoy it, and stick to riding it.
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    The Stab was a terrible downhill bike and it would be an absolutely dreadful trail bike. Unfortunately, you cant polish a turd so sell it and buy a budget hardtail instead.