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Rear mech not holding indexing

SportivemanSportiveman Posts: 157
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Hi all,
I have just replaced my chainset and had to redo front mech shifting now works smoothly. But rear shifting wasn't as good as it should be so decided to try to reindex the rear gears. I watched some videos on how to do it I get it to index fine bit when gone from smallest sprocket to biggest then go back down it goes back to being out of index again ? I have it working but skips two gears on some sprockets . Any ideas what is causing this ? It is a full 5700 group set with a 6700 chainset and Tiagra cassette and chain is new cassette is failt new to.


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Classic sign your indexing is close but out by a small amount, you just need to tweak the barrel adjuster to get it working properly in both directions.

    Also check your B-screw setting as that can make getting it 'just right' harder.
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  • cyberknightcyberknight Posts: 1,238
    Does the cable need replacing ?
    If its been ridden for a long time it can get a bit gunked up which can affect shifting
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