Car boot rack security?

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Ok, next task is to work out how to get two bikes to somewhere we can ride them.

Looking at something like a Saris Bones 2 to fit on the back of the hatchback (other suggestions more than welcome).

The actual transporting part google seems to pretty much cover.
What I'm not sure about is what you do when you get there and not riding the bike?
Say, stopping for a break, food, etc and presumably out of sight of the car/bikes.

Edit: thinking of both keeping the bikes themselves from disappearing and also bits on them like quick release wheels.


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    Wrap loads of chains around them, or put them inside, as it's a hatchback.
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    The Kryptonite long plastic covered cables are a good option for weaving loads of them around the various bits of the bike you're concerned about disappearing, and the attaching to a fixed part of the car's undercarriage with a D-lock or your preferred security option.

    If you can't (or can't be bothered!) getting them into the car itself, that works as a deterrent. Also parking up with the back of the car next to a wall so getting at them is difficult or well disguised helps.

    Having said that, we've left bikes on the roof overnight on holiday stop-overs and just had to "suck up" the risk of a well equipped thief walking away with them.
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