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Rounded bolt / bottom bracket guide removal

pfnshtpfnsht Posts: 22
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Hi guys,

Help me save my sanity - I'm changing my rear derailleur and threading a new cable through and I've rounded the bolt that holds the guide in place - any ideas on how to get the bloomin thing off (and where to source a replacement bolt.. )?

I've had the BB off in desperation and as expected you can't access it from underneath.

It's a PX RT 80 frame / Dong Fu FM066

Cheers for any guidance...



  • frisbeefrisbee Posts: 691
    I would try hammering a torx bit into it or you could try cutting a slot in it with a dremel. Most generic bolts with the right thread size will fit, a deeper head will give better engagement with an allen key in the future and only protrude a few mm.
  • pfnshtpfnsht Posts: 22
    Ahhh yes a dremel - why did I not think of that!! Thank you

    I did try the torx idea but didn't succeed. I didn't hit too hard as worried about the impact on the frame.

    Yes definitely going to look for a bolt with a head that protrudes. This is rediciulous a relatively straight forward job has been parked by a silly bolt because of internal cable routing (grrr).
  • hambinihambini Posts: 113
    If you the dremel idea doesn't work (that would be my first choice), then drill through the centre. with a small drill bit and then use an easy out.
  • I'm guessing that you want to remove the guide to thread the cable?

    Just run the cable through the down tube and use a magnet on the outside of the tube to guide it. No need to remove the guide.
  • pfnshtpfnsht Posts: 22
    Thanks guys, the dremel approach worked. I had to put my electric 18v drill on torque level 4.5 out of 5 to get it to budge after i'd cut flat head screw notch into the bolt. It does look like it was greased too. Madness!
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