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Training when you have a sinus infection

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 8,770
Morning all,

I am nearly 4 months into Trainer Road - 12 weeks of base training completed and am into the 2nd week of the build phase.

Unfortunately this time of year corresponds with my worse hayfever symptoms, though I am trying various remedies, it appears I have a reasonably disruptive sinus infection too. Last week I took one night nurse tablet (To guarantee some sleep so I can work) for 3 of the 4 school nights, but since then I have not had to take any.

Usually when I get an infection or am a bit under the weather I stop riding, or in the last two years just carry out gentle rides, which I have found really beneficial, but as I am on this training course, I am really keen to just plough on.
When I was feeling at my lowest, I carried out a workout, but dropped it to 95% to be cautious, and since then have been running them at 100%, some with intensity of 0.9, and have managed them perfectly well, with no obvious side effects or worsening of the infection\symptoms.

I have three rides which are fairly hard to complete this week, and then a further five next week, before it does into the 'easier' week to build up to an FTP - so I am planning to make it through to that far, and see how I am fairing, but just wanted to check what other people would do, or have done?
I've seen so much progress I am really reluctant to take my foot off the gas, and am thinking if I can get through this not being completely fit, then once I am free of the infection, it will feel that much easier, AND I won't have gone backwards or stayed static in terms of progress.

Would like to hear your personal experiences and how you have tacked this,

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