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crescentcrescent Posts: 1,173
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Does anyone else's' brain throw up random tunes while they are out cycling. I did 25 miles yesterday with Russ Abott's "Atmosphere" going round my head in a loop :oops: . No idea where it came from. Talk about a sufferfest.
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  • haydenmhaydenm Posts: 2,997
    I can't do anything without tunes in my head, I can usually morph them into something else if it's something rubbish though. Usually it's a repeating verse over and over again in time with the ride
  • bbrapbbrap Posts: 610
    Passed a fruit and veg delivery van with a pineapple on the back. Ended up with bloody Agadoo going round in my head.
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  • crispybug2crispybug2 Posts: 2,915
    When I was riding up Mont Ventoux, my erratic breathing seemed to morph into the Rupert the Bear theme which I couldn't then get out of my brain for the rest of the ride!!
  • Garry HGarry H Posts: 6,639
    Happens to me. That song that tells me I'm Jesus and that I should go out and kill women.

    Just kidding. For ages I had that Killers song stuck in my head. I think it's called "Human".

    Also, last Saturday, whilst cycling up Wrynose Pass, i had "You're so censored , it's unbelievable" playing in my head.
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