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diydiy Posts: 6,680
I lost my garmin Edge 1000 a few months back at my gym, the previous 800 was also lost at the same place. I'm expecting a new bunch of Garmins' to be released any day, so don't plan to replace the 1000 just yet. Where I really find the need for data now adays is on gym bikes where it can be hard to work with Perceived effort (RPE etc).

I was looking at the wahoo TICKR X as a stop gap, on the basis that its only £60ish and can work with my iphone. This is for indoor cycling only, I can live without a bike computer for a few months.

Anyone got any experience of this smart chest strap. Its supposed to be able to pick up cadence - I guess it uses some sort of "wobble" detector?


  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    it picks up cadence ... and works seemingly well with the wahoo app .... but, it doesn't work with zwift, so I ended up buying a cadence sensor anyway

    effectively I paid more for the tickr x .... and only use it as a HR monitor .... but it is a very good HR monitor, best I have owned !
  • diydiy Posts: 6,680
    Ahh right, so I'm being stupid, it basically just collects data from a cadence sensor, rather than detecting pedal stroke using some sort of movement sensor.
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    no ... it works on wiggle magic, as your body moves it figures out cadence .. either cycling or running etc. what I meant was that cadence is only read by the wahoo app

    apps like zwift, cant access the cadence data, for zwift you would need a proper cadence sensor
  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    I use a tickr x, but almost predominantly for running so probably not overly insightful. The few times I've used on a gym bike it seems to have worked well in picking cadence up, but I haven't had a reference point to really compare it against. Certainly its comfortable, very accurate as a HRM and plays nicely with an iPhone. The accelerometers used for cadence also pick up cadence when running and seem to do it well.

    1000 replacement is rumoured to be imminent, but the 820 isn't a year old yet, I wouldn't be too concerned about picking one of those up.
  • diydiy Posts: 6,680
    I've done a few sessions with it now and its pretty good. Only problem is the touble tap setting some times goes off when you are doing intervals, so I need to switch that off to stop it pausing. It also gets a bit out of shape with cadence over about 145, but that isn't particularly realistic as a use.

    I have found however that for some reason it can't detect cadence when paired with another device via ant+. I was keen to validate on a wattbike, but for some reason it wont show cadence when paired with another device.

    All in all - a good unit for <fitbit money.
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