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Front derailieur cable routing on dual pull

vci380vci380 Posts: 17
edited April 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
Last year I bout an m781 XT front derailleur. My cable routes from the top but it said dual pull so it would be ok. I've left it in the cupboard till winter was done as I wanted to put all new running gear on when all the mud was done for the season. I've taken all my bits to the shop to be fitted but the cable routing comes out of the mount at the top of my seat tube but then, rather than following the tube down now goes in a diagonal line out to where it joins the derailleur nearly to where the crank goes past! Surely this cant be right? The cable could get bashed and in winter it will get full of mud and rubbish. How can this be an advancement? ... ll-my-censored
Because I cant add picks I've put this link in as this is someone with the same issue but people seem to think its ok, surely not. At this point I'm thinking about just finding a top pull only one that follows the seat tube down but they all seem to be this dual pull now and I do have this brand new xt one so it seems a waste. Any advice would be appreciated.


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