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ArchigramArchigram Posts: 4
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I'm looking at a specific bike that meets my needs and my budget. I'm buying it online although I'm sure the vast majority of people here will suggest going to a bike shop and try out different sizes etc, to get the perfect bike and perfect fit. I'd love to, but honestly the only bike shop around here only sells bikes that are out of my budget. And I want something that's at least a small step above something I'd find at Walmart.

So anyway, my question is about sizing. I'm 6'-2" and my cycling inseam is 34"

here are the specs for the two sizes of this specific bike that I'm in between (it has 29" tires if it makes a difference):

I can't figure out how to make columns, so I put the 19" bike's stats in bold, and the 17.5" is the normal size type.

Seat tube (Center to Top) 17.5” 19"
Effective Top Tube (Center to Center) 24.3” 25”
Top Tube (Center to Center) 23.2” 23.8”
Chainstay (Center to Center) 460mm 460mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 53mm 53mm
Seat Tube Angle 72.3° 72°
Head Tube Angle 70° 70°
Wheel Base (Center to Center) 1129mm 1141.1mm
Standover Height 32.4" 33.8”

I contacted the company and they recommended the 19" version. However that standover height just bugs me a little bit. .2" below my pubic bone is definitely going to catch my pants and other sensitive areas. But are the other bike's dimensions probably too small? I always used to like smaller bikes, but I don't really want to be too hunched over or have problems with my knees and/or feet getting in the way of anything.

I realize everyone's dimensions are slightly different, and it's somewhat personal preference, and I'll never really know unless I could try both sizes first, but I feel like some advice would still be helpful. I guess I'm leaning towards the 19" bike anyway but wanted to hear people's thoughts on if they thought the other bike would be TOO small, not just a little smaller than normal.


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