FTP test - Kickr in Erg mode?

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No convinced I know how to pace myself well for a proper FTP test so was thinking I could do it in erg mode.

My thinking is if I set the load to say 230w, and can maintain that for 20 mins, then I've undersold myself. Do the test again at higher level. Keep doing them until I can't maintain for 20 mins. Use the data from previous test, knock off 5% and that's my FTP. A plan?

Or am I being a jessie and I should just do the trainer road test?


  • Why not start the test in course mode on a constant gradient course (e.g. 1%) and start out at 230W. Then after 5-6 minutes reassess how you are going. If it's feeling pretty solid hard work then hang on. If it feels like you can probably go harder then up it by 5-10W and reassess after another 5-6 minutes. If you find after this reassessment process during the effort that your last 5-min is significantly higher than what you started with then just extend the test by a handful of minutes and keep riding at the higher power. Use the best 20-minutes.

    This has the advantage of being more time efficient than multiple tests, and it also help you learn the art of pacing.

    As to establishing an FTP estimate, it would help to also do a 3-5 minute maximal power test as well. The two results combined using the critical power model will help to establish a more valid estimate than a simple fraction of 20-min power.