My Thick Legs

Ok, This is going to be a weird one, but I am tired of going into this blind and I want thinner legs. I Started cycling 2 years ago, since then I have gain a little weight. I would love to claim that its all from the training, but its probably more 50-50, new muscle and some new fat. The issue I am having is my legs have gotten so huge. I'm not track cycling i just ride road and I am not even training for sprinting (I don't even like sprinting). I almost exclusively train indoors on a smart trainer now doing sweet spot sessions (its what i enjoy and I am super busy) normally sessions are about 60 mins- 1 hour 30 mins. I guess the question is what train sessions would I want to do to thin my legs. Or , should I just focus on dieting to lose the fat on my legs (where most of my weight/fat goes weirdly). I know this is rather weird, But I struggle to fit into my old cloths and my legs are so big they touch (which again I know is a weirdly thing to be upset about its just uncomfortable for me).

TL;DR: I have big legs partly fat partly muscle gained from cycling. What should I do to thin them. A specific training style/session, or just diet it off.


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    Dieting is the only way that will get rid of the fat. Your body is very efficient and its a LOT easier to eat less rather than burn it all off.
  • I was wondering if there was a training session or length I should shot for to make the muscle more lean.
  • fenix
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    The rack maybe ?
  • Either you are joking or this is a training session I have never heard of lol
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    Fridge resistance training.
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    Since I've quit weight lifting and rugby to concentrate on cycling, my quads have dropped from 28" to 26.5".

    It's not so much the size difference, but the shape that has changed. Sounds weird, but it's very evident to me.
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    Fridge resistance training.

    Have you got a four week program I can follow? Sounds right up my street!
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