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Late Maratona place - need to do some training...

IanTrcpIanTrcp Posts: 761
I'm looking for a little help from the assembled body of knowledge here...

I have secured a late place in the 2017 Maratona, which takes place on July 2nd. I've done this event before, and plenty of others like it during the last decade, so I have good knowledge of what to expect etc.

In the past I've always started training on Jan 1. I would start out with some spin classes, some 2x10's which would eventually become 2x15's and then onto 2x20's over the colder months. From April on I would ride to and from work (a 90km round trip) twice a week, plus a decent 3-4hr ride at the weekend. Through May and June I'd look to really push very hard on one of the commutes. A couple of UK sportive type rides and I'd be in pretty good shape for a July event. This worked really well for me. I was generally able to move from (ahem) 85kg+ and 200w to 78kg and 260/270w; 3.5w/kg was enough to get me round and enjoy the event.

Fast forward to 2017. I haven't done much through Jan/Feb. FTP test earlier this week suggested 195w. Weight is 82kg. I'm no longer working 45km away, so the commute/train opportunity has gone. At my disposal I have: time (as I'm not working at the moment), a Wattbike, a road bike with a power meter and the Surrey Hills relatively nearby. I don't want to spend hours and hours training as I do have other commitments. I'm time crunched as the ride is only 16 weeks away...

How can I best use the time and assets that I have to try and get to as close to 3.5w/kg as possible by the end of June? Will a couple of decent hilly rides (say 2x70km or so) a week plus a committed effort on evening 2x20's (say twice a week) get me to where I need to be? Are the 2x20's still regarded as a good way to raise FTP?

How should I focus my training efforts? All thoughts, ideas and observations welcomed. Thank you in advance.


  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,684
    I have found 2*20s to be reasonably effective - I'd be wanting to do more road miles though.

    As you say you have time any chance you could turn those 70km rides into 70 mile rides ? I wouldn't spend too much time working up to that either maybe a few weeks but no more - instead if 70 miles seems a long way right now i'd do them easy and with a cafe stop or even two initially if you need to.

    I'd also want to pop in a tough century or two once we get to June.

    It's a fairly rough and ready kind of plan but that kind of mix has worked pretty well for me in the past.
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  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 11,177
    I'm sure 2x20s are going to be effective but I would want to mix it up a bit with a bit of variety, probably over/unders etc just for sanity...

    Personally I have found doing more frequent rides is better for my overall endurance so I might be trying to stick in a couple of shorter turbo sessions in as well. A really full on 2x20 will take a lot out of you (if you're riding it like an FTP test) so I might back off one of them a bit and stick another ride in on another day, so doing 5 days per week.

    Agree with above that making one of the hilly rides a bit longer if possible.

    End of the day though if that type of approach has worked for you in the past I don't see why it shouldn't work again.

    I've been using TrainerRoad since October for turbo training and would recommend, it's had a good effect on my FTP anyway. Their plans are base (12 weeks), build and specialty (8 weeks each), so you'd need to do some hacking - but that's easy to do.
  • stueyboystueyboy Posts: 108
    +1 for Trainerroad

    I did the Maratona last year and that really helped me to endure the event. As you've done it before, you'll know that the Passo Giau is the one you need to keep the effort for and that's after 80km and 5 other mountain passes. Sweetspot base low volume 1 and 2 plans will really help you and will take 12 weeks in total. Should be able to adapt them and do them on a wattbike I imagine. Having a powermeter helped me too on the climbs.

    Good luck and enjoy.
  • IanTrcpIanTrcp Posts: 761
    Thank you all for taking the time to respond.

    Stretching my 70km rides looks like a good idea as the weather warms. I'm off to investigate the sweet-spot stuff now...
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