Lateral Knee Pain

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Hi everyone, I've been a keen mountain biker for years but have recently (January) taken up road cycling and entered a London to Paris ride in summer for teenage cancer trust.

However I'm experiencing bad knee pain on the rear, outside of my left knee after about 10-15 miles.

I've been looking long and hard at what's causing this and it appears to be where the bicep femoris tendon inserts into my fibular head. When I bend my knee past 90 degrees the tendon is gently popping or twanging over my fibula - it's not tight or a big pop, more of a gentle rub with some friction - although there is a definite catch and release happening. Over miles of cycling with high cadence this seems to be enough to really irritate the tendon and it becomes very sore. My fibular head is also much more prominent on that side than on my right.

At first I thought it was ITBS and saw the physio a couple of times who worked on my IT band tightness but it's not helped at all. So I've booked myself in with a doctor but there's a 4 week waiting list and I'm really keen to get this sorted as it's eating into valuable training time!

I just wanted to know if anyone had ever had something similar to this and if they had any advice for sorting it out?

I've aligned my cleats accordingly to help and also set saddle height and position to minimise the friction during movement but this its not enough to solve it completely. I've also been working on stretching/strengthening the crap out of my hams/glutes/hips to see if that helps.

Thanks in advance.


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    If you're not getting anywhere with the doctor and physio, getting a good professional bike fit might be the best option. Depending on where you are someone will be able to provide a recommendation. It's going to be quite hard to diagnose online.

    Probably goes without saying but any adjustments you make yourself you should try to keep incremental and isolated (i.e., only change one thing at a time) so you can identify what actually makes a difference.
  • Thanks Bob, I've enquired about some bike fits today
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    It does sound like ITBS. Have you rested it at all?