Ankle impingement

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I wonder if any of you have had any experiences with ankle impingement.

Sprained my left ankle badly 2 1/2 years ago and just lately I've been having a dull ache in the front of my left ankle after rides for a while now but it all came to a head over the last few rides when I started getting bad medial (inner) left knee pain, even mountain biking with flat pedals brings on the knee pain after about 30minutes cycling.

So I've seen a physio but he has not been able to sort it, so has referred me for a scan, which I'm waiting for.

Am really annoyed and depressed as can't see anyway of getting back on the bike quickly and have no idea what to do to keep my fitness up, was going to do the Paris Roubaix sportive but that has been canned now :cry:


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    I guess this is quite a rare thing judging by the number of replies, been to a different physio who has a far more positive outlook, fingers crossed !
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    try to find a physio who understands bikefit

    among other things, knee pain on the inside can result from insufficient arch support, may or may not be applicable in your case, but look up 'pronation' to see how to spot the signs
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    Thanks, actually seeing a physio who works right next door to a bike shop, early days but hopefully promising.
  • Hello, just to resurrect this tread, did you ever find a solution? I’m having the same trouble