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Stages vursus Pioneer single leg?

pbassredpbassred Posts: 208
I'm sure they both work fine but I haven't seen a direct comparison. Has anyone tried both? What I HAVE noticed is that some online stores are dropping Stages and some are adding Pioneer to their range. Anyone know anything about that?

The Pioneer is slightly cheaper but only by 10%. However if I can't find somewhere that actually stocks a 165mm crank the point is moot.


  • Man Of LardMan Of Lard Posts: 903
    If you look at the other threads related to Stages power meters, you'll find a lot of people irritated by the same issues : dropouts when used with an out-front mounted GPS, water ingress & battery drain. Perhaps this is the retailers voting with their feet/wallets?

    Have you discounted the 4iiii single sided meter?
  • pbassredpbassred Posts: 208
    I had forgotten the 4iiii so that's in the mix. The spec says it more accurate. I'll have to research that one too. No doubt, I'll have the same 165mm issues.
  • pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
    My Stages got refunded after two units had the same battery problem. I replaced it with a 4iiii. Haven't had it long enough to comment in detail but so far so good.

    I ruled out a Pioneer on the basis that if you want to use it on multiple bikes you have to buy extra cadence magnets that are £30 a go.
  • pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
    4iiii do 165mm on their website (you can buy direct from there if you can't find UK stock) or they can fit the meter to your existing crank.
  • pbassredpbassred Posts: 208
    Thanks for your help. I found a place called Bike-Swanky. Nice and knowledgeable chap. He was telling me the story with 4iiii. The units are made in Taiwan but they insist in taking every one back to Canada for retest. ( I deal with far east manufacture so I understand their mindset.). Unfortunately it doesn't seem like they got their heads around "pull manufacture"! They make a bunch of units and ship em to a country -- regardless of demand. naturally the mix of sizes is wrong. Initially they skewed production towards Durace thinking that Ultegra and 105 owners wouldn't be interested.

    So, anyway everywhere is out of stock of everything. There is a boat that is due to dock on Monday morning with 200 mixed cranks.
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